Susie Chupp sets

Susie Chupp (6) sets up Volley Demon Lynn Piefer (2) at the net as Autumn Wingo (5) trails the play.

Buena Vista improved to 6-5 after defeating Banning Lewis and Ellicott with 3-1 match wins last week.

The Lady Demons beat Banning Lewis Academy in Colorado Springs 25-20, 25-19, 15-25, 25-15 Tuesday and sent Ellicott home with a 25-8, 25-13, 23-25, 25-17 home victory.

“We have struggled in the third game this season and I can’t quite pinpoint why,” coach Jamie Page said. “In both matches, we made a few hitting errors and service errors at the start of the third and it was hard to get in a rhythm after that. When we make those errors in the third it gives the other teams momentum.

“Volleyball is a huge momentum game and it is hard to build up your own and take it away from the other team within 25 points.”

Maya Schucknetch set up the offense with 11 assists and Susie Chupp had 6. Krystan Knowles contributed 6 kills and Sara Shanahan 5 and Cheyenne Montoya served 4 aces and had 6 digs, as did Makenna St. John and Tanner Richmond led the team with a dozen digs.

Against Ellicott, Schucknecht had 7 kills and 17 assists, Stella Dawson had 11 kills, Richmond 22 digs, Chupp 12 assists and 16 digs.

“The girls have responded well in the fourth by refocusing and making fewer errors,” Page said. “We have a very well rounded offense with girls coming off the bench hitting, serving and passing as well as the players on the floor. It is great to be able to have such a deep bench and options for when someone is a little off.”

BVHS is poised for the postseason.

“We met some big team goals this week with our passers keeping the team in system and able to run an offense … If we can continue this level of play for the rest of the season, it will help us stay in as contenders for Regionals,” Page said. “We are sitting at 36 right now and the top 36 teams go.”

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