The state 2A runner-up lady Demons won a valley neighbors meet with Salida and Leadville Friday.

“It was a wonderful start to the season,” said BVHS coach Julia Fuller.

“Though things may look a little different this year, everyone might even be a little more excited to get out there and compete,” she said.

The girls took first place and the boys second at Hayden Meadows near Leadville.

Sophomore Zaila Smith’s 19 minute, 57 seconds time won the meet and teammate Mallory Salazar finished right behind her with a runnner-up time of 21:22.

Rosston Sherlock’s third-place time of 18:22 time led the Demons and Issac Hutchings was seventh with 20:24.

The course at Hayden Meadows Reservoir was just shy of a 5k, coming in at 3.04 miles.

The race started in 6-person waves (one minute apart) with two runners from each school.

“These staggered starts not only make you compete against those in your heat, but also test your mental ability to race purely against yourself and those starting in other heats,” Fuller said.

Girls 1st overall

1st Zaila Smith - SO - 19:57

2nd Mallory Salazar - JR - 21:22

4th Molly McMurry - JR - 22:15

8th *Alexis Santopietro - SR - 23:21

12th Kadance Kelso - SO - 24:33

14th *Aja Hogan - SR - 25:29

21st Ella Coates - SO - 27:42

24th Katie Estes - SO - 27:54

25th Susie Chupp - SO - 29:29

26th Erin Bigley - SO - 30:22

29th Justus Adams - SO - 34:57

Boys 2nd overall

3rd *Rosston Sherlock - SR - 18:22

7th Issac Hutchings - SR - 20:24

8th Jack Helmke - JR - 20:40

11th Tam Flowers - SO - 21:42

12th Sam Starr - JR - 22:09

15th Jett Adams - FR - 22:29

19th Yakov Foley - SO - 24:18

20th *Seth Moss - JR - 24:22

(*2020 Team Captains)

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