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The report, which is prepared by CU Boulder’s Business Research Division at the Leeds School of Business, captures Colorado business leaders’ expectations for the national economy, state economy, industry sales, profits, hiring plans and capital expenditures. A total of 284 qualified panelists responded to the survey.


Pedelecs have steadily grown more popular with consumers over the past decade, especially in Europe and Asia.

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The main mission goal is to pluck a sample of rocks and surface soil from the asteroid, then return it to Earth for analysis. CU Boulder Distinguished Professor Daniel Scheeres of the Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences is the team leader for the mission’s radio science team, which will use spacecraft tracking data to probe Bennu.


Anxiety disorders are typically characterized by chronic anxiety or exaggerated worry and tension when not warranted by circumstances. These conditions can also be linked to major psychiatric disorders.


The study area encompasses the Niwot Ridge Long-Term Ecological Research site, thousands of acres of alpine tundra, subalpine forest, talus slopes, glacial lakes and wetlands stretching to the top of the Continental Divide in the Rocky Mountains.

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While reducing water consumption has been successful in places like Denver and much of California, the loss of water from reservoir evaporation is an issue already affecting the growing population of the West, said CU-Boulder associate professor Katja Friedrich.