The anarchist thugs who stormed the U.S. Capitol Wednesday, disrupting proceedings of Congress, are no different than the anarchist thugs who burned buildings in Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle and other cities this summer.

Yes, the First Amendment gives every American the right to free speech, to assemble peaceably, to petition government to address grievances.

But those rights do not give protesters the right to violence, to burn cars, to destroy homes and businesses or attack institutions of government.

Nor does the First Amendment give anyone the right to assault police, to invade the nation’s Capitol, to disrupt and threaten the peoples’ representatives performing their duties as prescribed in the Constitution.

Wednesday’s despicable acts by right wing radicals made a mockery of a revered place of honor and respect, a mockery of an American institution that is a symbol to the nation and world of justice, equality and the rule of reason and law.

In breaching the Capitol and the halls of Congress what these criminals did was the shameful equivalent of trampling the American flag, trampling Democracy.

Because they were acting in his support and on his behalf, President Trump needs to disavow and condemn Wednesday’s actions in clear, unequivocal, decisive terms.

The sickening, disgusting, indefensible actions in Washington are not what this country is about, are not a part of our heritage and are not acts of patriots but of anarchists.


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