I have decided to withdraw my letter of intent to become trustee one more time. I love this town very much and do not like what you have turned it into and cannot hide those feelings to become one of the minority to try to change it in just 2 years.

You have opened up the STRs for discussion and are finding out what a great decision that was for the workers in town.

Affordable housing is a joke. Too bad each person who quit has not seen fit to let you know personally what a bad idea STR is for a small town. Add to that Selby’s South Main.

You put him on the planning commission to plan his subdivision, gave him nearly every change he wanted, won’t insist he stick to what he promised in writing and now he’s trying to destroy a peaceful town with his concerts.

One of the trustees and I had a short discussion about the differences in an active board and a “policy making board.”

Either your policies are not complete enough or you are not hearing the cries of people wanting to do something and no is the stock answer.

Employees with their own ideas, or maybe yours, are costing the public time and money. As I said, being in the minority one has no chance to change anything.

You have driven my property taxes up nearly every year for the last 20 or more years because of your doubling the cost of homes with your policies.

I will have to resort to the letters to editor, to see if I can stir some more people to wonder what you are doing for the TOBV.

Jerome Steinauer

Disgruntled in Buena Vista

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