Reading a recent word salad with a plethora of accusations and inuendoes ranging from last year’s election to voting issues, one has to wonder why there were zero facts to back up the statements in the letter.

As for the election, the writer stated it was “fair and square” yet one would have to ask if this were true, why is the DNC spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, trying to stop the Arizona Legislature-directed forensic audit? Especially in Maricopa County?

If as the writer stated it was fair, why would anyone object to an audit? Or is there fear among the left that issues will be found? We will know soon. Same for audits in other states.

Why object if there are no reasons to fear issues will be found? Remember in Georgia the multiple suitcases of ballots pulled from under the tables after all the GOP observers were sent home? Maybe the writer can explain those two (among other) facts?

Voting is a right for all eligible citizens, not all individuals in the U.S. The GOP wants it easier to vote and harder to cheat.

Dems want votes for all individuals, without proving who they say they are and are eligible U.S. citizens to vote, thus easier to cheat.

HR1, the ploy to have the Federal government take over the elections mandated to state legislatures, the drafts (not seen later versions) stated individuals not U.S. citizens, the right to vote. Do you want non-citizens to vote? Google the Georgia law. You will find it law has more opportunity for eligible U.S. citizens to vote than either Delaware or New York.

Voter ID is needed. Same as an ID to drive, banking activities, cash checks, pickup baseball tickets at a Rockies game, pick up a prescription, just to name a few.

Racist terms are thrown about like confetti. Last year the Dems called President Trump a racist for banning flights from China and other areas (with exceptions for U.S. citizens and other legal returnees) at the start of the pandemic.

Biden just banned people from India, with the same exceptions, yet no one is calling him a racist for doing the same thing? Why?

I wonder if those who voted for Biden will take in illegal immigrants flooding what used to be the U.S. southern border at no cost to the taxpayer?

Under Trump it was down to about 36,000 contacts per month, most being sent back to wait in Mexico. Under Biden it hit nearly 200,000 caught and released into the U.S. last month.

If 5% of the world’s population are children, that could mean nearly 300 million kids let into this country and later their families. After all, why would Biden want to limit it to those in the Northern Triangle countries? That would be racist.

Dennis Billings

Buena Vista

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