Let’s face it, our democracy is in trouble. President Trump and his enablers have done a masterful job in undermining it over the last four years. We now have a president who was not even elected by a majority of voters doing whatever he can to get re-elected again without the support of the majority of voters.

This is madness. In what other elected office does the candidate who loses actually assume that office? We have seen the results of a president who governs by minority fiat, and they aren’t good.

We need to make sure this does not happen again. One way is to make sure we vote “yes” on Proposition 113, the National Popular Vote. Elections for president by the National Popular Vote will make sure one thing never happens again: a second-place winner.

Vote Yes on Proposition 113 like our democracy depends on it.The Electoral College holds extreme power over who is chosen president, making many of our votes possibly meaningless. That doesn’t sound like democracy to me.

Diane Alexander

Buena Vista

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