After Nestle Waters permit was extended to private equity firms (aka BlueTrition Brands), allowing the continued sucking and trucking of water out of our valley to be sold in single-use plastic bottles, our group realized we had to keep on truckin’ too!

Unbottle and Protect Chaffee County Water is now a 501(c)(3) and has committed to being a watchdog organization.

During Nestle’s first 10 years of operation, they got away with very little oversight. Our current County Commissioners did not impose new conditions with more teeth, but they did recognize that annual reports were not being adequately looked over by county staff. This year’s report for 2021 is 545 pages long! So, the commissioners added a requirement that Nestle/BlueTriton will now have to give a presentation of their annual report each year at a public meeting to determine if the company is in good standing. I have no doubt some slick propaganda will be rolled out by the billion-dollar corporation. They will explain how sucking an average of 62,465 gallons of water per day, and annually making 2,725 trips between Johnson Village and Denver, in trucks getting 6 miles per gallon is a good deal for our community.

I am hopeful the commissioners will allow public comment for a week or so after the day of the presentation to allow the public to watch the video, absorb the information, and compose their thoughts about it. But, as it stands now, the rules of engagement are to submit written comments about the 545-page report by noon on April 15. You can also comment in person or via Zoom live at the meeting to be held at the community center in Buena Vista on April 19. BlueTriton’s presentation is on the agenda at 1pm. For more information, visit

Jennifer Swacina


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