As expectations for accountability grow of Mr. Trump’s role inciting insurrection in the violent storming of our Capitol, it is important to remember he did not act alone.

Republican congressmen, including our own Representative Doug Lamborn, bear responsibility, too, by empowering the rioters with years of lies and disinformation.

They were active participants through the retelling of false accusations for which there was no factual basis. And they knew it.

The states stood firmly by their electors. The nation’s top intelligence and law enforcement agencies confirmed there was no evidence of significant voter fraud and the 2020 election was secure.

The courts threw out 60 attempts to overthrow the election, as every attempt lacked any basis in truth. Demonstrably debunkable claims attempting to defraud the election were simply repeated in a circular argument, spiraling further and further from the truth, told by Mr. Lamborn and Trump’s other ardent enablers attempting to overturn an election he lost.

Now these charlatans are attempting to distance themselves from the violence through carefully worded pronouncements of disapproval and innocence.

Make no mistake about it – the damage has been done. The horrific sight of raging destruction crashing through the seat of our democracy, symbolized by confederate flags, embedded with white supremacists and fueled by an American president, built upon years of resentment and racism brought lasting shame to our country.

Mr. Lamborn shares the blame, including his unfounded claim that certification of the electoral votes should be delayed (the same goal as the rioters).

He had a clear choice between loyalty to the constitution or loyalty to Trump. In pursuit of partisan advantage and personal gain he chose Trump.

This should now be an indelible part of his legacy: Contributor to a day of profound national humiliation.

Bob Box

Buena Vista

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