I take exception to the article in last week’s paper (page 16) entitled Chaffee Health Deals With Pandemic Opposition.

It presented the struggles of Chaffee County Public Health and specifically the bureau’s director, Andrea Carlstrom.

It was a lament of CCPH not being understood in their attempt to keep our citizens “safe from this deadly disease.”

Well, perhaps the bureau needs to look at several factors regarding COVID-19.

Media, politicians, CCPH, and other health bureaus across the country are attempting to promote a message to the public which simply is not true.

Every newscast, every newspaper, many TV programs and commercials imply (or state bluntly), that without draconian mandates in place, millions are going to die from COVID. It’s not true.

Even your newspaper reports weekly that only 14 people have died in the county from COVID-19 deaths. As I recall, all those deaths were from very early on and almost entirely from one nursing home.

The facts continue to be:

1. Not everyone will get the disease, fortunately

2. Among those that do, the vast majority will recover

3. This is not Ebola or the Spanish Flu of 1918

4. It is still chiefly fatal to the elderly (80+ yrs old) with co-morbidities

5. Even the CDC web site admitted in late August that only 6% of those who died with the disease died directly from COVID… all the others died from the serious medical issues they already had, i.e. co-morbidities such as lung disease, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, etc.which are related mostly to lifestyle choices.

Therefore, attempts to “save the public” merely instill fear. It is definitely a pandemic – a pandemic of fear – from the start.

CCPH’s attempt at an “online Google form to report non-compliance” is straight out of the book “1984” and the old Soviet Union and East Berlin, where citizens were compelled by the state to report their neighbors and relatives. These are the godless tactics of communism. It is no wonder CCPH received opposition from the public.

The article later quotes Ms. Carlstrom as saying, “CCPH’s goal is to protect our community’s most vulnerable and save lives.”

But no one here has died for many months due to the disease. It is not as serious as officials portend, so all of this is clearly manipulation of the population to conform with government overreach.

Meanwhile, most health professionals and voters have no problem aborting the truly most vulnerable right up to the time of birth.

So, re-introduce the wolves but kill the babies. I see.

America cannot last much longer.

P.S. - Remove the faded orange road signs that say, “Welcome, now mask up.”

Tim Burt

Buena Vista

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