I, like Mr. Selby, also feel that I have lost something deeply personal by loosing Seven Peaks. The loss I feel is similar to the loss one feels when a large, inflamed hemorrhoid goes away.

I am one of the few who experienced “discomfort” from this festival. I live on CR 361 at the top of Crossman/CR 350.

Try telling an 8-year-old that she will be late to her first day of school this year because we cannot get out of the driveway or to town and back due to the standstill of traffic blocking the entire road in every direction.

Try running a business, (23 years+) only to find out that every job scheduled on Thursday would need to be cancelled due to lack of access to your own home and shop.

Try driving past scattered garbage, urine soaked asphalt, & piles of human excrement along CR 361 and CR 350 from the Festival to the Water Tower to CR 384 because no provision has been made for people to relieve themselves while they idle in their cars for hours on end attempting to get into the only entrance of the festival.

Try making up Monday for the loss of work on the previous Thursday, only to find out that every road through and out of BV is so clogged with fleeing festival goers that the entire Monday schedule must be scrapped as well.

Try getting sleep because you have to work in the morning (you thought), only to be kept awake to the thumping of bass and every word of the songs until midnight or later.

How soon we forget the articles in the Times from 2019 showing that sales tax revenues and local businesses actually experienced a decline over the festival weekend.

If one does the research, it is a fact that Chaffee County is one of, if not the, fastest growing counties for its size in the USA right now. Gaining Seven Peaks was not the driving factor in this growth of our County, and losing Seven Peaks will not be the end of this tremendous growth.

People are not just flooding our county because of a festival, because of a river park, or because of a tall hotel and bunch of other tall buildings built on the old city dump.

They are flooding our county because it is one of the nicest spots in the country, regardless of the recent real estate or festival development of a tiny piece of it by Mr. Selby and his team.

Whatever the reasoning was, thank you to the county commissioners for canceling Seven Peaks. Let them find a suitable venue for this type of event in the future.

Mark R. Arnold, Jr.

Buena Vista

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