In reaction to the riot at the Capitol Building, Congressman Doug Lamborn is quoted as saying: “ I strongly condemn those individuals that have chosen to incite violence…”.

Such hypocrisy.

Lamborn, while not directly participating in the first invasion of our Capitol since the British sacked and burned it in 1812, helped stoke the fires by aiding and abetting the chief arsonist Donald Trump’s lies that the election was stolen.

Shortly after the 2020 election, Lamborn joined a case before the Supreme Court calling for all votes in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin — states that were narrowly lost by his party — to be discounted.

Why? Not because any voters or election workers acted improperly but simply alleging some voters followed procedures set by the wrong state officials, officials who were trying to provide safe voting options during the current pandemic.

Despite the rejection of this suit by our highest court, on Jan. 6, Congressman Lamborn, voted to exclude all of the votes in Arizona and Pennsylvania from the selection of the next president, which amplified the lies and conspiracy theories that fueled the attack on the Capitol.

That same evening, even after the violence by the mob who invaded our Capital, he continued his support to exclude votes legitimately affirmed by the the Supreme Court.

Now, just now, days later after five died and the Capitol was desecrated, Lamborn “strongly condemns violence.”

Isn’t that the definition of a hypocrite?

Irv Broudy


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