The Buena Vista board of trustees voted to go ahead with recreational marijuana in the town.

Four trustees decided that we should have recreational marijuana so the town could have more taxes to spend.

Do they care for the people’s judgement?

They apparently disregarded the fact that it was voted down the last time it was voted on by the town’s people.

Those four think they represent two-thirds of the town. Apparently they have no regard for the problems it will bring to BV and the police department.

The question now: Should we start a recall petition on those four trustees?

I don’t know yet how many signatures we need but I, for one, would be happy to pass a petition and even take one of the seats vacated.

I will need some help passing the petition and possibly three others to fill vacant seats. Please call me at 719-395-2964 if you want to do the recall and/or help.

Buena Vista is doing very well with tax income. We don’t need more problems and a larger police department.

Jerry Steinauer, past trustee and mayor,

Buena Vista

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