So, Buena Vista Post Office is now a Premier Post Office and that entitles us to pay 100% more for our PO boxes (which should be free).

Included in that extra cost, we can arrange to have ALL our packages from FedEx and UPS delivered directly to this post office operating at 60% reduction of workforce and already short of package lockers. After all, the 24-year-old survey overwhelmingly rejected home delivery.

Or did it? That’s in dispute.

The survey is irrelevant, anyway. USPS is violating their own manual by charging us for the boxes. To argue that an informal, 24-year-oldsurvey, with disputed results, supersedes their own manual is absurd.

Seems to me the approximate $300,000 per year the post office is now collecting for PO boxes (2,300 boxes at the minimum new rate of $134) might be spent on:

1. Mail delivery truck(s) and sufficient staff to deliver packages to our homes so we don’t have to walk over an ice-covered parking lot to carry a 30- or 40-pound package to our cars; or what all citizens prefer;

2. Free home delivery of all mail and packages – the same service nearly all other Americans enjoy.

It appears the regional USPS has no intentions of reinvesting our money to improve our post office.

For a USPS official to candy-coat an intolerable situation is insulting. Premier? Hardly.

Ripping off rural communities (they could never pull this off in cities) is unseemly and arrogant.

Mary Ann Uzelac

Buena Vista

EDITOR’S NOTE: Uzelac created the Facebook group BV Citizens for a Better Post Office.

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