I wish to respond to the LTE recently penned by Chaffee County Commissioner Keith Baker, et al.

First, the claim that the 2020 election was “free and fair” is debatable.

I refer the reader to two documents: The Commission on Election Reform, 2005, and an article printed in Front Page Magazine, written by John Perazzo entitled “Yes, It Was A Stolen Election.”

I am not willing to claim unequivocally that the election was fraudulent, but a considerable body of data suggests that it was.

Conspiracy Theory? Poppycock. The phrase implies lunatic fringe. There are legitimate concerns which must be investigated.

One example: Democrat led teams traveled to key states a year in advance of the 2020 election and filed over 300 lawsuits to countermand the recommendations of the Commission on Election Reform— that alone is cause for alarm.

Acknowledged, election reform will not affect the outcome of the 2020 election — that boat has sadly sailed — but it must be done for future contests. America’s trust in our electoral system depends on it.

Second, there were supporters of President Trump in the assault on the Capitol, as many as 200. The peaceful protest crowd on the mall was estimated at 200,000. There are always a very few bad people in a crowd that large.

There were similar situations, some sustained and arguably worse, in events of violence in Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Detroit, Chicago, New York City, and others this past year.

I don’t recall hearing substantial outrage from Democrats at any level.

A good argument can be made that the damage to the Capitol resulted from inadequate security. The crowd gathered around the Capitol some time before any violence began.

The Capitol Police should have augmented their force and requested mutual aid from DC Metro Police.

Justifiably blame the mob, a mob that did not represent the values and behavior of the vast majority of Mr. Trump’s supporters, but don’t forget the culpability of those entrusted with security and protection of one of our nation’s most cherished buildings and the elected officials therein.

Third, you demand that Republicans stop protesting — right, just like the Democrats stopped hounding Mr. Trump with continuous harassment throughout the 4 years of his presidency? At least 75 million people voted for Mr. Trump, and they won’t stop…nor should they.

Democrats rarely compromise, and they don’t stand down. Republicans have done both for decades, for the good of the country, for the sake of decorum — that is probably over.

Divisiveness will not get better, it will get worse. Mr. Trump gave voice and hope to the frustrated throng, the deplorables; now Democrats and their ensconced elites will reap that whirlwind of peaceful, but perhaps aggressive resistance.

Finally, I wish to express my disappointment that an elected official would spend his time writing this kind of hyper-partisan screed that serves only to enflame.

County commissioners should have better things to do. For the local Democrat Party contributors, the letter is about what I would expect.

Bud Melton

Buena Vista

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