The Meadows application is dead on arrival to the citizens of Chaffee County.

Jed Selby is proposing to increase use of the Meadows concert venue by over 400 percent. If approved, the proposal would permit the equivalent of twelve Seven Peaks festivals per year – or one each weekend of the summer.

The Meadows currently hosts three large events each year. Selby’s claim in the utterly biased Times article that he does not wish to host 12 Seven Peaks festivals cannot be trusted. If that were true, why apply for that many?

The proposal would also allow for an unlimited number of small events of 1,000 people. I don’t know about you, but I don’t consider 1,000 people a small event.

Selby is attempting to bypass the established procedures for approving special events and avoid public input from residents – his own neighbors.

While The Times article only chose to highlight the economic impacts of Seven Peaks, it ignored the impacts of this proposal on public safety, county infrastructure, health, and the environment.

This proposal completely flies in the face of numerous County Land Use Codes and its approval would set a precedent that completely nullifies the effectiveness of our Land Use Codes.

The proposed level of activity is not healthy or sustainable and would result in a major decrease in quality of life, home values, and neighborhood safety.

It would completely change the nature of our town. The town of Buena Vista does not have the infrastructure, business or law enforcement and public safety resources to handle this level of additional visitation.

If Jed got his way there would be no limit to the number of days and nights he could blare loud noise well above both town and state decibel thresholds and past town and county curfews.

The proposal suggests a curfew of midnight, which is far too late. Most residents near the venue are families or retirees that require sufficient nightly rest.

Keep in mind that sleep deprivation is both a form of torture and incredibly unhealthy. Finally, the proposal would create unacceptable wildfire risk and impact local wildlife, even to the level of violating federal laws intended to protect them.

I encourage all concerned citizens to share their opinion with the Chaffee County commissioners through written comments or oral comments at the Planning Commission hearing on April 6 or the Commissioners meeting on April 20.

Go to for more information and Zoom links.

Nathan Jones

Buena Vista

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