Buena Vista is a wonderful place for families and singles, retirees and young adults.

 We have the freedom to make choices and take responsibility for our lives.

A vote for recreational marijuana is a normalization message to all including our youth and young adults. Smoking, vaping, alcohol and marijuana have adverse effects on adults, young adults and children who choose to use them.

 We have Social services for addicts to help them get back to good choices. Bad choice leads to destruction of families, affects friends and neighbors, dulls the senses, impairs the intellect and decreases reactions of drivers.

 Addicts have employment and economic problems, and housing issues. Employers and landlords want responsible and alert employees and renters. Neighbors are affected by pollution when their neighbors emit fumes from smoking of any substance.

I daily endured marijuana fumes which affected my home atmosphere in another community.

 This community has an outdoor activities environment with unlimited Recreation opportunities-sports, rock climbing, hiking, rafting, biking, races, parades, camps for youth. It’s a safe community town and the surrounding valley. We have a religious and a prison community for correction.

BV committed to 26 Million taxes to pay for new High School/Middle school.

The police chiefs expressed at Trustee Meeting they do not prefer Buena Vista approval of  Recreational Marijuana.

Our sales tax revenue is already strong without the sin tax on recreational mj.

A vote AGAINST  recreational marijuana is a vote for Buena Vista and all it offers its young adults and community.

Marjorie Fahrney

Buena Vista

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