Janice Good's brisket

Janice Good smoked a 20-pound beef brisket on the governor’s Meatless Saturday in support of Chaffee County cattle ranchers.

I was at LaGree’s Saturday to pick up some goods. What I saw when I turned the corner stunned me at first, then made me giggle out loud.

Hundreds, yes hundreds, of people filled the entire parking lot to overflowing, and the line for free burgers wrapped around the Chinese eatery, three deep.

I tried to get you a close count, but the line ebbed and flowed like a giant snake. I gave up at around 250, and people kept coming. I talked to several people, while other folks were listening.

They were not there for the free burger. They were there to show support and to protest. It was a massive protest against Gov. Polis’s meatless-day dictate. The ones who were just listening, but within earshot, were all nodding their heads in agreement.

A: They were there to support our county cattle industry.

B: They were there to tell the governor that no one is going to tell them what they can eat and when. They have had it with government interfering in their lives.

It was a massive protest, pure and simple, the way folks in Chaffee County would do it: Orderly, neighborly, but willing to wait as long as it took to show their support.

Bob Good

Buena Vista

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Dannye Nachtrieb

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