The Greater Arkansas River Nature Association has followed the permit renewal process for Nestle Waters North America.

In 2009, the GARNA board expressed concern with an initial NWNA 1041 permit, opposing the project. Many concerns are sustained as the NWNA 1041 permit renewal is considered today. Water only becomes more precious as average temperatures rise in our area and droughts continue.

GARNA doesn’t believe that water mining in Chaffee County is responsible use of our natural resources but it appears that Nestle has followed the water use regulations set forward in the original permit.

If the Chaffee County Board of County Commissioners renews Nestle’s 1041 permit, GARNA wishes the following conditions be enforced by the county:

1. Shorten the period required for permit renewal to a 3-5 year period ensuring that Nestle complies with the conditions of its permit.

2. Maintain or increase the current levels of county planning staff (including two new positions currently posted for hiring) and ensure monitoring of the permit is a dedicated task for one of the planning staff.

3. As suggested by Collegiate Peaks Chapter of Trout Unlimited (CPC-TU): Require NWNA continues to actively pursue implementation of the Closed Loop Fund, finding solutions to the critical plastic recycling gap. While NWNA is not the sole source of this trash, they can be part of the solution.

4. Also suggested by CPC-TU: The permit renewal should consider limiting the annual consumption of spring water to 50% of the amount allowed under the original permit (this is the current level of consumption and approximate level of consumption over the last 10 years).

5. NWNA must be required to complete the educational component of the original development plan. For many years leading up to permit renewal, it was difficult to find a contact to gain permission to use the site for educational purposes as required by the permit, and in a rare case when permission was granted, staff found the site unusable due to overgrowth of invasive species.

6. Require NWNA to establish the Conservation Easement required in the original permit by completing the process no later than two years after the date of the permit renewal.

7. All future NWNA monetary contributions to Chaffee County should be directed through the Chaffee County Community Foundation.

NWNA operations in Chaffee County are complex and far-reaching, affecting the sustainability of the ecosystem of the specific project site and of the greater Arkansas River area as a whole with grave implications for County, state and national single-use plastic waste generation.

We urge the Commissioners to review NWNA permit renewal with an unbiased eye and a long-term vision. If Nestle’s community contribution is incomplete or fails to meet ALL applicable guidelines regarding the impact to vital natural resources with indisputable scientific evidence.

On behalf of the GARNA board of directors:

Lisa Martin, Chair

Layne Kottmeier, Treasurer

Jodie Daley, Secretary

JW Wilder

Jacy Doumas

Margy Taylor

Celia Adamec

Rob White

(1) comment

Katherine McCoy

A wise and well-considered statement. Thank you, GARNA,

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