State by state certification of the results of the national election – 50 independent certifications – conclusively disproved Mr. Trump’s assertions that he, and not Mr. Biden, had won the election.

Even in the aftermath of the seditious violence Jan. 6 against the Congress of the U.S., millions of Republicans – 46% according to recent polls (Chicago Council on Global Affairs, 01/07/2021) – still refuse to accept the validity of the results of the presidential election.

Instead, they persist in clinging to baseless assertions that fraud had so permeated the electoral processes nationwide that Trump was robbed of a second term as president.

What evidence is there for this widespread fraud? Neither Trump nor his supporters offer up any evidence – no evidence at all. More than 50 adverse court rulings confirm this, including at the Supreme Court.

So why do unfounded allegations of widespread electoral fraud, not to mention the related fantastical QAnon conspiracy theory, persist?

One reason: Too many Americans have lost their ability to separate fact from fiction. The big lie, that Mr. Trump won the national election, is alive in the nation, and sadly, here in Chaffee County. In fact, he lost the election by more than 7 million votes.

In the end, Republicans have to choose between support for Trump or for democracy.

Choosing democracy demands that we as citizens become smart consumers of the dizzying array of information that is available to us.

Being smart means choosing to diversify our information sources, rejecting those that are not backed up by solid evidence, understanding the difference between opinions and facts, and having the courage to question the validity of our beliefs when there are no facts to support them.

Terri Lukas


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