Yes, the price of a P.O. box has gone way up.

Yes, I am annoyed that most of the mail I receive is either paper bills that need to be paid or junk mail that needs to be recycled.

Yes, I keep hoping that I will receive a letter from a friend, a rare thing in this day and age with e-mails and Facebook.

One cannot deny the fact that junk mail and paper bills, while contributing to the urgent recycling problem and the overall climate change fiasco, also help fund the underfunded USPS.

The saving grace, for me, is that a multitude of real paper magazines continue to arrive by snail mail. I love my magazines. So, is having a P.O. box worth it? Yes it is. And I have come up with a few ways in which we can support the USPS:

1.) Receive and pay bills (with checks) by mail

2.) For every single piece of junk mail we receive, write a letter or postcard to a friend and send it via the USPS.

3.) Rejoice every time you go to the post office and see a friend

4.) Jump for joy whenever you receive an actual letter in your post office box from a faraway friend or relative (instead of via the internet).

5.) Keep all the real letters that you have ever received and read them again several years later. I just read a bunch of old letters and the things I learned were amazing.

So, instead of complaining about the increased price of my post office box, I’m just going to write more letters and maybe I will receive more letters in return.

Oh, and maybe I will also cut out four of my favorite articles from a magazine and mail a different article to each of my four grandsons.

Norma Cady

Buena Vista

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