On behalf of the Chaffee County Census Committee, I’m extending gratitude to Chaffee County residents for their participation in the 2020 Census.

Some of you completed the census on your own (58.3%) and some through a U.S. Census Bureau fieldworker. However the information was shared, every bit of data matters.

In a calendar year in which there has been a collision of unimaginable tragedies and loss, you put aside your fear, sorrow and shock and did your civic duty. By doing this, you helped shape our future.

Now, the processing of our population count is in the hands of the Census Bureau. I’m hopeful that our count will be accurate and telling of the growth we have experienced in our county and state. A true representation of our growth in Colorado will likely gain us a seat in Congress. Another seat means another voice on our behalf for the next 10 years. Last but not least, I’m hopeful that the final numbers will bridge us to the federal dollars that our community needs for critical public services.

It has been a unique privilege to have served our county in this capacity over the past eight months. This role was a dynamic opportunity to interface, virtually or in person, with you: a wonderful group of outstanding citizens!

With that, I am removing my census hat and speaking to you as a fellow community member. In the days to come, chew on these wise words that my mom has shared with me over and over, for as long as I can remember: “It’s always darkest before the dawn.”

May the sun always shine in our little corner of the world. May our community have all that it needs now and forever.

April Obholz Bergeler

U.S. Census Coordinator

Chaffee County

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