If you missed it, the last BV school board meeting had numerous speakers express their opinions on Career Technical Education.  

What is that?

It’s a high school curriculum developed to assist students who do not plan on going to college to be trained in a skill that will assist them in getting a job when they graduate.  

Why is it important?  Because our community has a severe shortage of skilled labor as testified to by several business owners and organizations in our community at that meeting.  

Why should you care?  Because it effects you directly. If companies can’t get local talent then they either go outside our area for that talent, or do without and business suffers, maybe even closes.  

I think we all care that the businesses in our area do well so we have more choices where to shop or eat.

So what can I do about it?  Encourage any board member you know or write the school board in care of the school that you are concerned they are not stepping up to the plate.  

Salida, Leadville and Cherry Creek have all moved forward with these curriculums and with great success.  One third of the kids in our school district will not go to college for various reasons.  

The majority of those kids who dropped out of school before graduating said had there been a Career Technical Education program in place, they would have stayed in school.  

A Career Technical Education curriculum is good for our kids and good for the community.  Please encourage our board to step up to the plate.

Bill Sgarlata

Buena Vista

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