BVHS seniors presented their portfolios as the Capstone project of their senior seminar class Dec. 21.

Four of us on the District Accountability Committee had the honor of being among those who served on the panels that heard these amazing showcases of growth and learning.

To those seniors, we say, “Congratulations. Your presentations were superb. You made your teachers, your parents, your families and your community proud. Most importantly, you should be proud of your accomplishments.”

These students had the nerve-wracking task of standing before a panel of three strangers to explain how they have learned and grown during their time in high school.

Although these were the capstone presentations for their senior seminar class and a graduation requirement, students have been working on their portfolios since their freshman year. 

These seniors illustrated some of their work by talking about how it exemplified the district’s 7 C’s. The district’s mission is “ensuring every student reaches the peak of success by being Curious, Creative, Connected, Critically Competent, Constructive, Collaborative and Character-Centered. Their selected work clearly demonstrated that they understand these concepts.

Their presentations also showed thoughtful, honest and genuine reflection about who they have become during their time at BVHS. They openly and articulately shared the ups and downs of their high school years. They credited classes, teachers, extracurricular activities, friends, family and the community for helping shape their lives.

Their presentations were interesting, engaging and heartwarming. Each one was so unique. They showed passion for what they have done, highlighted people who have helped them and shared how they are now ready to move on.

It is apparent that they are excited about life after high school as they anticipate pursuing careers in counseling, law enforcement, engineering, veterinary medicine, welding, business ownership, the arts, auto mechanics, and so much more. In addition, they are ready to give back to their community. Indeed, many have already been doing that.

Also deserving of high praise are their two senior seminar teachers, Greg Perrin and Adam Fuller. Both have been involved with this portfolio project from its inception. As with any new endeavor, there were challenges, but Mr. Perrin and Mr. Fuller passionately worked to improve the process until their students now see it as a meaningful activity.

More and more universities, training schools and employers are starting to see the value of portfolios and use them in their application and interview processes.

This year’s BVHS seniors have created some pretty amazing portfolios and used them to show that they are prepared, excited and ready to move on into the next phase of their lives.

Congratulations, seniors. You have made BVHS and the entire BV community proud.

Nancy Best, Jessica Crites, Judy Hamontre and Lynn Montoya

BVSD District Accountability Committee members

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