It is long-past overdue that someone respond to letters to your paper criticizing Hannah Hannah about tax liens, militia, and missing yard signs.

Tax liens are a legal, negotiated means of paying what’s owed the IRS. Mr. Experience Keith Baker? He dreamed up the 1/4% sales tax in 2018, a tax lien against all of us. “Only $40 per year to prevent forest fires.” Wasted money that would not prevent Grizzly Creek from happening here.

And then there is attempting to tie Ms. Hannah to an organization to which she does not belong (even to the laughable point of criticizing how she ties her shoes, per an earlier letter to the editor) or to signs that could easily have been uprooted by a rogue Baker supporter. This is guilt by association of the most scurrilous sort. Mr. Baker should have long ago immediately dis-associated his campaign from such canards, if his political experience counted for anything.

Let’s elect new County leadership. Hannah Hannah does not depend on innuendo and character assassination. She is an honest, working, single mom. That means she knows workers and businesses, kids and schools, and most of all, decency and trustworthiness. She has great platform for Chaffee County. Check it out on her website. It will put US before control-freak pols, be they in Denver or Chaffee County.

Jennifer Engel


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