Over the years that Lori Mitchell has served as Chaffee County Clerk, I have been continually impressed by her and her staff’s professionalism, efficiency and integrity in all areas that they are responsible for, including elections.

The current drumbeat of criticism from LTE writers with regard to the lack of video footage from the 11/3/2020 election smacks of hyper-partisanship from Trump supporters who simply won’t (and maybe never will) accept the fact that Trump lost the election.

It is true that county clerks are responsible for these required video recordings but in the event there is a technical problem with them, are there no other procedures in place that guarantee the integrity of the election?

Of course, there are because no one would rely on a single safeguard in such a process.

Have these LTE writers read the Chaffee County Election Procedures/General Election/November 3, 2020 (chaffeeclerk.colorado.gov/sites/chaffeeclerk/files/Election%20Procedures_1.pdf). Maybe, maybe not.

But as an FYI, if you do take the opportunity to read these procedures you will see that there is an extremely detailed and thorough process for guaranteeing that all ballots are valid and counted accurately, all supervised by a bi-partisan team. Let me repeat that, a bi-partisan team of election judges. Video is actually just an add-on to the already multi-step process.

In my view, we should not be asking Lori Mitchell to explain herself, because she and our excellent Secretary of State Jena Griswold already have.

Instead we should be asking those complaining about the video to explain why they obsess on the video, when our county clerk and her staff and the bi-partisan election judges followed all of the numerous hands on and computerized election integrity procedures in order to safeguard and certify the results of the 2020 election.

Our democracy is strong and our election apparatus is robust. Allegations of widespread fraud, frequently pushed by the far right and continuously debunked by all of the data and studies, are erroneous and fatuous.

We should be proud to live in Chaffee County and we should thank Lori Mitchell and her staff for their dedication and for the great job they do in protecting our freedoms.

Eric Simons

Buena Vista

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