Hannah Hannah lacks not only experience relevant to the position she is pursuing, but the empathy, compassion, and basic respect for the law required to fulfill that position.

Not only has she chosen not to wear masks in public places, but she has boycotted local business who enforce the mask law.

This demonstrates both a blatant lack of concern for the health and safety of others and a lack of the fundamental empathy and compassion required to connect with the electorate she claims to represent.

Hannah Hannah has chosen to run on a platform which is largely irrelevant to Chaffee County at the moment while ignoring the laws put in place to protect the county from the issues at hand.

I do not see how such a platform will effect any positive change in the community at this time, and hold great concerns about whether she can even perform this job while personally breaking state laws for political points with her voter base.

I have deep concerns about Hannah Hannah, and will be proud to vote for Keith Baker in the coming election.

Keith has consistently demonstrated a compassionate concern for this county that will become so necessary over the coming months and years as we navigate all that is to come. His experience will be the greatest asset we could ask to have in the coming days.

Mackey Campbell

Buena Vista

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