Chaffee citizens have been absolutely clear about what they believe should happen with growing recreational use of public lands within the county. 

They want trails preserved and wildlife respected and have voted with their dollars to see that it happens. 

The Chaffee County Outdoor Recreation Management Plan was developed with participation from the full range of interested people and organizations. 

Failure to participate was a matter of choice or perhaps a strategy to attack the plan in the end. 

One approach to land management is to exploit it to the full extent until all wildlife is gone and trails are so overused as to be eroded and unusable. 

That is precisely what Chaffee citizens have said they do not want. 

A big hat’s off to our elected and appointed officials and professionals who have brought so much knowledge to the table and have supported what Chaffee citizens have said they want.

Sig Jaastad

Buena Vista

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