Here’s an exercise every Coloradan might want to engage in to get a sense of the impact of covid-19 in our state: Count to 1000. Then do that 18 more times.

That is the number of people in Colorado who have been hospitalized due to this highly infectious disease. Quite a few die. Many who survive suffer greatly and are scared to death they will die; so are their loved ones (who are not allowed to visit them in the hospital). And then there are the “long-haulers” who survive but continue to experience debilitating symptoms such as fever, fatigue, and dementia – with no end in sight.

And now Colorado is ground zero for a new covid mutation that is much more contagious than the original version.

Meanwhile, here in downtown Salida, I see people in public places every day without masks. I live in a downtown condo and it is like living in a hotel since two of the four units are VRBOs. A significant percentage of the guests and cleaners do not bother wearing masks in the shared stairwell/common space despite prominent signage saying masks are required. 

At age 64 I don’t know which will come first for me – infection or vaccination. I am trying so hard to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem, but it’s tough when others don’t give a damn.

Oh, you know that exercise in the first paragraph of this letter? Add another 1000. That will be closer to the truth by the time you read this.

Anne Marie Holen


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