It seems poetic that when the 2020 Census started, it was snowing.

Now as the response deadline lurks around the corner, we see snow screaming outside our windows.

Snow is a given, but so much has changed since the spring. We are all different now, with altered views and needs.

Because of those needs, I ask that we as a county shine by punching our self-response rate through the roof. We have until the end of September to do so.

Census data will help drive money to our wonderful little community. That money will help support emergency preparedness and public safety efforts, lend a helping hand to healthcare, provide resources for those who are domestically abused, fund education and programs for children, keep our libraries thriving, create paths for outdoor recreation, pave the way for road repairs and much much more.

And if Colorado gets a good count, there’s a good chance we will get another seat in Congress. This is our state’s chance to strengthen our voice for the next 10 years.

Now, not tomorrow, is the time to respond to the 2020 Census!

If you don’t want to do it for yourself, do it for your kids, your grandkids, your friends, your neighbors and your co-workers.

Do it for Chaffee County, because our county matters. Our county counts.

April Obholz Bergeler

U.S. Census Coordinator

Chaffee County

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