Voters in Chaffee County have a high degree of confidence in the safety and security of our elections. 

It’s easy to take this for granted because we have our Clerk and Recorder, Lori Mitchell, administering our elections. Clerk Mitchell is a highly competent professional whose office does much more than conduct elections and register voters. 

The office is also responsible for issuing and recording marriage licenses, recording all real estate transactions, issuing liquor licenses, and is an agent of the state for the titling and registration of motor vehicles. 

Clerk Mitchell was honored by her peers in being elected as president of the Colorado County Clerk’s Association, nominated by a Republican.  

She has been recognized as a Certified Elections/Registration Administrator through the National Association of Election Officials. Clerk Mitchell’s CERA designation is the country’s highest professional achievement for election officials.

The voting system in Colorado is safe and secure because of the many checks and cross checks baked into the process, many of which involve public participation. 

The public is only excluded as a matter of security and law proscribes those times. Mitchell has opened the process as much as allowed by law.

County clerks in Colorado are walking the line between transparency and security now that elections are considered critical infrastructure. 

Clerks must now protect our elections against inside threats as well as outside threats. She has patiently taken time and exerted effort to make this quite clear to those with questions. 

We can be proud of the Colorado’s gold standard of elections and even more proud of elections in Chaffee County and our county clerk.

We can confidently cast our ballots knowing that our elections are safe, secure. Thank you, Clerk Mitchell.

 JoAnne Allen


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