Throughout the past year, all of us have been faced with a variety of challenges that have been difficult to deal with whether on a personal or societal level.

For many of us, our reactions to these challenges have been less than ideal; anger, blaming, guilt, frustration, and denial, to name a few.

Finding opportunities to meet up in person with friends and family during the pandemic has been frustrating for everybody.

For me, personally, containing my irritation so that I don’t react negatively to seemingly minor frustrations has proven very difficult.

Aside from my frustration with conflicting political narratives, I have been personally frustrated by my need to weigh my options with regards to medical insurance, housing alternatives, and car repair decisions.

For wealthier people, those decisions probably are less traumatic, but for me I see the need to continually shop around for better options.

So, a few weeks ago when I had trouble starting my car, I began to take a serious look at car repair options. I bought an extended warranty and immediately came to regret it.

That set me off on a journey from one local dealership/service provider to another as I weighed my options. Everybody I talked to was really nice.

Then I met with Nobert Gonzales of Antero Automotive in Buena Vista. His sincere, heartfelt kindness in the midst of my pandemic-induced reality check was just what I needed at this point in time.

I immediately cancelled the warranty, re-started my car repair savings account and accepted the personal risk that comes with owning a used car. But more than that, I am challenging myself to show the same degree of respect for others that Mr. Gonzales had shown me at that specific moment.

Why am I writing a letter to the editor about this?

Well, I’ve seen so much vitriol during these challenging times.

If positive change is to come out of their era of a worldwide pandemic, it’s the little acts of kindness and acknowledgement that need to be recognized and shared.

Norma Seneca Cady

Buena Vista

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