Years ago these were the very words that God Almighty revealed to me in a dream, and was it ever so true.

I have realized tolerating anything becomes acceptable as time passes, the edge and sharpness becomes dull. Wrongs have turned into rights and what was allowed to slide by is no longer noticeable.

As of right now, over 60 million babies were not allowed to come from their mothers wombs alive, innocent blood is poured out on our nation.

It was been an atrocious act on humanity. We must drop to our knees and repent. If is not about prayer and asking God to change things, it is about repenting, humbling ourselves and fasting.

We are all held accountable. God will not change this country or hear our prayers until we repent.

We should all tremble at what we as a society have tolerated. I imagine we are on borrowed time. Repent.

Connie Determan

Buena Vista

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