Now is the time for bipartisan action on climate change. We can all see the impacts of warmer temperatures, such as the longer wildfire season, increased droughts, shorter ski seasons and shorter rafting seasons.

Climate change affects everyone, Republicans, Democrats and independents.

We need a bipartisan solution that will endure through election results. Carbon fee and dividend is a solution that everyone can get behind.

It corrects market factors and does not grow the size of government. These are things conservatives can support. It also does not penalize those that are less advantaged which allays concerns of liberals.

This solution will create jobs and lead to a healthier environment.

A fee is placed on the source of carbon (coal, oil, natural gas) and the money collected is equally distributed to Americans.

Imagine getting a dividend check every month which more than covers slight energy cost increases.

Please write, email or call your U.S. representative and senators to urge bipartisan action on climate change.

For more information, please go to or email

Sandy Long

Buena Vista

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