My husband and I moved to Buena Vista almost 5-1/2 years ago from an area in Pennsylvania with a population of over 840,000.

We lived 1-1/2 hours north of Philadelphia and 1-1/2 hours west of NYC. We lived through floods, huge snow storms and 9-11.

Working in hospitals for more than 25 years, I was a member of a very active emergency management team in a hospital that had monthly meetings, practice drills and whose members received on-going training from local, state and federal government agencies.

Personally, I received additional training in several special areas in CISM (Critical Incident Stress Management) from the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, the specific training which, for example, (with the exception of the police and firefighters) was absolutely required for those helping at the Twin Towers.

From the age of 5, I was a Brownie, a Girl Scout, a Senior Girl Scout, a Girl Scout Leader and a Cub Scout Den Leader. Do you remember the Scout motto “Be Prepared”?

Well, we all remember the shortages which began following COVID-19 arriving in the U.S., shortages of foods, TP, cleaning products, meat, etc. Some of the shortages continue today, over a year later.

Individual citizens must be responsible for taking care of themselves, family members and possibly friends and relatives in the event of a crisis.

How does that look? It means that each family should store, at least, 2-4 weeks of canned and dried foods.

It means that every church should institute food drives now in order to provide emergency sustenance to their members.

It means being prepared. It might include keeping basics like flashlights, batteries, candles, matches, camping equipment, hunting and/or fishing gear, etc.

It would depend on what you, as an individual, determine is important to have for you and yours in an unexpected emergency. If for some reason, trucks that bring us food, fuel and other products don’t or can’t deliver to our remote area, we need to be able to weather the storm.

Don’t expect the state and federal governments to help with any immediate and critical needs. Did you see any of them bring us TP or cleaning products last spring?

Be prepared like the original miners and settlers of our beautiful area of the Sawatch mountains.

Rebecca Burt,

Buena Vista

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