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Congratulations to Chaffee County for completing its Recreation Plan. The plan represents many months of inclusive collaborative effort, and will help balance the extreme growth of recreational use with the preservation of quality recreational experiences and the protection of natural resources.

Let’s face it. We are all aging. While it might not be as apparent for adults in their 20s and 30s, for someone who just turned 40, I can attest that there comes a time when becoming older is felt both physically and mentally.

Over the years that Lori Mitchell has served as Chaffee County Clerk, I have been continually impressed by her and her staff’s professionalism, efficiency and integrity in all areas that they are responsible for, including elections.

I have decided to withdraw my letter of intent to become trustee one more time. I love this town very much and do not like what you have turned it into and cannot hide those feelings to become one of the minority to try to change it in just 2 years.

As many of you know, I am a local business owner and employer in our community (of 10+ years), a former nurse and a mother.

Several years ago, I made the decision to step forward and dedicate my time and energies to serve the community when I ran for and was elected to Buena Vista board of trustees. 

In last week’s local news it was reported that the Chaffee County board of county commissioners passed a resolution to regulate the exercise of constitutionally protected speech and expression: “The resolution designates four county-controlled locations where public assemblies are allowed.

The article “IT Questions Remain” raised a variety of questions surrounding the surveillance video for the 2020 election in Chaffee County. Questions asked, but not answered.

Chaffee County Clerk Lori Mitchell must answer these questions in order to maintain the confidence of the Chaffee County voters. The Chaffee County Commissioners must provide these answers if the Clerk cannot. This is a serious issue, and requires a serious response.

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I am deeply concerned about the statements recently made by Andrea Carlstrom, Chaffee County Public Health director regarding our children.

Clearly her comments were biased in favor of the popular political narrative and lacked objective and informed information.

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I am deeply concerned about the statements recently made by Andrea Carlstrom, Chaffee County Public Health director regarding our children.

Clearly her comments were biased in favor of the popular political narrative and lacked objective and informed information.

Gentrification is the process of affluent people moving into an area and paying a higher than normal prices for goods, services, and real estate.  Thanks to their relentless  upscaling of real estate, they eventually price home ownership out of reach for the average wage earner.  

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I found the dispute over the Chaffee County election video confusing, so I filed an information request with Chaffee County asking for the 2020 election surveillance video. According to the April 28 response I received from County Attorney Davis, the video is not available for viewing.

In Gunnison and Chaffee counties, each new season brings us glaring reminders of the changing climate.

Whether it’s record-sized wildfires, less snowpack, decreasing stream flows or altered growing seasons – we see human-caused changes to the climate happening, and they’re happening fast. 

Just as he did as a pro kayaker, Jed Selby is back paddling out of a giant hole. His audacious proposal to drastically increase the number of events at the Meadows was met with massive public push back. Ninety citizens logged into an April Zoom meeting, ready to voice their opinion before Selby retracted.

My husband and I moved to Buena Vista almost 5-1/2 years ago from an area in Pennsylvania with a population of over 840,000.

Reading a recent word salad with a plethora of accusations and inuendoes ranging from last year’s election to voting issues, one has to wonder why there were zero facts to back up the statements in the letter.

Throughout the past year, all of us have been faced with a variety of challenges that have been difficult to deal with whether on a personal or societal level.

For many of us, our reactions to these challenges have been less than ideal; anger, blaming, guilt, frustration, and denial, to name a few.

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The Meadows application is dead on arrival to the citizens of Chaffee County. Jed Selby is proposing to increase use of the Meadows concert venue by over 400 percent.

I encourage all concerned citizens to share their opinion with the Chaffee County commissioners through written comments or oral comments at the Planning Commission hearing on April 6 or the commissioners meeting on April 20. Go to chaffeecounty.org for more information and Zoom links.

While I appreciate the thorough explanation on the reasons for the continued inclusion of the police blotter in the CCT, I have always felt this was unnecessarily invasive.

What has changed since I built my last project? I am very likely to crumble under the weight of the planning and zoning department’s authoritarian grip.

We live in a very beautiful river valley where we mostly dig in sand with a heavy dose of river rock.

In regards to the letter Karen Dils wrote regarding the election materials being taken down, I totally agree. The election is over and President Biden is our president whether we personally like it or not. I also agree that issues need to be discussed in a civil matter and to find common ground.

We are a divided country, but I hope we all can agree on one thing. It’s not good for our nation, our communities, or our families to be immersed in anger, judgement and hate.

I hope that influential people in all walks of life will actively seek to re-unite us; but I also think that, if healing is to take place, it will have to come from the ground up, a sort of grass-roots movement.

Last week’s inauguration showed our democracy still in tact. Votes were cast, counted, often re-counted, and certified in multiple ways.

There were winners and losers like in all elections. With the call to go forward and start healing some divisions, perhaps some of us can do our small part.

Three days after moving to Chaffee County years ago, I met with Wendell Pryor. I remember he had about 20 people on a list – in his head, of course – ones he said I had to meet. “But start with the best one,” he said, “Charlie Forster.”

This letter is in response to last week’s letter-to-the-editor signed by Keith Baker and other local Democratic leaders.

The accusations they made and the language they used was divisive and they need to apologize. Rather than follow Mr. Biden’s advice to heal the nation and calm the rhetoric, they chose to ramp-up the divide.

State by state certification of the results of the national election – 50 independent certifications – conclusively disproved Mr. Trump’s assertions that he, and not Mr. Biden, had won the election.