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As a card carrying member of the Sierra Club, GreenPeace and NRDC to name a few, I am appalled by what the 350 Central Colorado argument is promoting with their open letter to Nestlé Waters North America.

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National Health Center Week 2020 is celebrated this year on August 9 – August 15. Across the country, the exceptional work of Community Health Centers will be recognized, work sustained while fighting on the front lines of COVID-19 to keep our communities healthy and safe. This celebration w…

A year ago, voters passed Chaffee County measure 1A, a 0.25 percent sales tax measure funding forest health and wildfire mitigation, supporting working lands and addressing the growing environmental impact of outdoor recreation.

On Dec. 14, 2017, the Federal Communications Commission put our democracy and our economy at risk. That’s when the FCC voted to deregulate the internet and repeal the 2015 Net Neutrality rules.

The pace is picking up under the Golden Dome. Between all the new proposed legislation and bills that have returned from last session in one form or another, the calendars are loading up quickly.

National Commander Charles E. Schmidt of the American Legion is “encouraged by Secretary David Shuklin’s candor and commitment in fixing the Veterans Administration. We believe he is sincere and motivated to affect positive change throughout the VA healthcare system.”

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Into our hallways will walk some bursting with curiosity, some weary and despairing, others determined, some skeptical, some surrounded and lifted by the care of others, others doing the lifting of others far too young.

This property could make a beautiful neighborhood. A place people love to live and raise their families. It could become a place to start or finish your career as a renter or homeowner.

Most of our ancestors were poor, some were criminals, some were slaves or indentured servants, most didn’t speak English. But they all came to start a new life in this great land.

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A major factor in the increased cost of DUI: the average impaired driver in Colorado now qualifies as a Persistent Drunk Driver (PDD) based on blood alcohol content (BAC).

As an American, I feel that I have more freedom available to me and my family than the vast majority of world residents, thanks to the forethought of our founding fathers who designed a document that was unheard of in the world.


It is not surprising that those whose properties adjoin the proposed development as well as others in the valley and beyond oppose this plan.

Our country has an incredible and unmatched protected public lands legacy that allows hunters, anglers, hikers, backpackers, outfitters, equestrians and untold numbers of others the opportunity to experience parts of our country as they were in the days of Lewis and Clark and, more recently,…

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Will Coggin is credited as the director of research for the Environmental Policy Alliance, a project of the nonprofit Center for Organizational Research and Education, just one of many organizations created by veteran political consultant Richard Berman, who is well known in D.C. for creatin…

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In Colorado and across the West, lawmakers are considering the costs and benefits of moving public land management from the federal government to the state. While the debate stirs passions, a new analysis provides some sobering figures on the economic gains that states stand to make.