This was the inaugural year of the Buena Vista High School Internship Program.  It began with five interns, grew to ten, and is projected to have as many as 25-30 next year.

The program, a partnership of the school district and community businesses, gives seniors the opportunity to test the waters of what they might like to pursue after graduation.  

The District Accountability Committee was directed by the school board to monitor the progress of the internship program, give commendations and suggestions, and make recommendations for the next steps. 

The DAC would like to publicly thank those who have contributed to the development and success of the program.  

First, cheers to the first interns: Vanessa Branch, Dillon Eisenhand, Carley Feuss, Max Johnson, Molly McMurry, Cheyenne Montoya, Brennan Pratt, Harper Reid, Tanner Richmond, and Calvin Tattershall. They all spoke highly of the experience, making other students realize the exciting possibilities for their own futures.

Second, cheers to the mentors/businesses of these students:  Anika Fouch  of The Roastery;  Amy, Jenn, Bev and Kristen of Amy’s Hair Design; Tammy White of Body Mechanics Physical Therapy;  Ritchie Molitor of Re/Max;  Ken McMurry of the McMurry family ranch; Julia Fuller of Unlined Design;  Adam Fuller of the high school drone class; staff of the Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center  and Brandon Chism of the Clearview Community Church.  They are the pioneers in providing the interns a meaningful career experience.

Third, cheers to teacher Adam Fuller, the director of the program, along with the help and support of principal Jon Ail and superintendent Lisa Yates.

And finally, cheers to the businesses who participated in the job fair this March, which gave juniors and sophomores the opportunity to meet with prospective mentors for their future internships:  ACA Products, Alpine Lumber Company, Bearss Landscaping, Inc., Buena Vista Public Library, Buena Vista Recreation, Cedar Street Family Dentistry, Colorado Central Magazine, Eddyline Brewery, Faircy Boys Automotive, Hi Valley Supply, Justin Storms, State Farm Insurance, KW Construction and Restoration, Salida Circus Outreach Foundation, Santorum, LLC, Sangre de Cristo Electric Association, The Blend, and Woodsmith, LLC.  

Speaking for all DAC members, thank you to all of you who have helped develop and bring to life the Buena Vista High School internship program.  Yes, “it takes a village to raise a child,” and Buena Vista is such a community, cooperatively working together for the education and enrichment of our youth.  You are very much appreciated.

Judy Hamontre 

DAC chair, Buena Vista school district

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