Chaffee County has been incredibly fortunate to have so many of its citizens actively involved in ensuring its health and contributing to its future.

The scale of this task remains largely unnoticed. But the time, research, collaboration and just plain hard work are given without compensation, recognition or expectation. They are our neighbors, committed to our greater good.

Such is the commitment of the Chaffee County Planning Commission. I am not on the commission, but I have had the opportunity to see them in action and observe the outcome of their work.

The comp plan is thoughtful, inclusive, well-researched, forward-looking and informed. It is not generated from a single process, but rather incorporates the work of many commissions, foundations, advisory boards, county governments and broad-based expertise.

It is, above all, a collaborative effort bringing together the work of dozens of current and existing guidelines, hundreds of people and literally thousands of hours.

That collaboration continues. The contributions from these organizations and individuals will ensure a plan that fully integrates the county’s many citizen-based organizations with our small county government.

Coordination across private/public/volunteer sectors will lead to more efficient use of resources, as well as enhancing access to grants and funding that expand county services.

There may well be voices that disagree with some part or product included in the comprehensive plan. That is to be expected, as no compilation and coordination of this magnitude can meet everyone’s desires.

The plan will, however, reflect a citizen-based collaboration that will lead us in the years ahead.

I applaud their work and their leadership in protecting the health, safety and welfare of Chaffee County and in preserving its community character for future generations.

Bob Box

Buena Vista

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