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A recent story by me about BV Hope published in Colorado Central Magazine contained some significant errors. I asked The Chaffee County Times’ editor for this space to correct those.

The story referenced skits about sexual exploitation being presented to Avery-Parsons Elementary School students.

In the Nov. 8 general election, Colorado voters will decide 11 statewide ballot questions, ranging from appointing judges for a newly created judicial district to delivery of alcohol. Here are The Times’ view of these ballot issues:

The lack of affordable housing in Chaffee County has been an issue for decades.

Years ago, locals started the long process of working toward solutions.

The Housing Policy Advisory Committee grew organically and advocated for what became the County Office of Housing.

David Buckley from Kremmling is running to represent District 13 and you couldn’t make a better choice than to vote for him.

He has traveled all over House District 13 and has seen firsthand how labor shortages, skyrocketing inflation, unnecessary regulations on agriculture and small businesses, and countless other issues have affected our communities.

The candidacy of PT Wood for Chaffee County Commissioner resembles an extended con finally running out of steam. There are only so many times a person can sell the Brooklyn Bridge before people become suspicious and ask questions.

For some folks who don’t know, there are three primary components to the cost of a mortgage payment. 1) Principal and interest on the mortgage itself, 2) homeowner’s insurance (usually required by the lender) and 3) property taxes.

Last Saturday I encountered a woman with whom I served as election judge many years ago, she the Republican and I the Democrat. After reminiscing about those good old days the conversation turned to the upcoming election.

Our family supports Adriane Kuhn for Chaffee County Commissioner for three simple reasons: she brings a measured, unaffiliated voice; she has relevant experience that is neither institutionalized nor polarizing and she is a genuine and honest woman.

With election day imminent, I would like to wholeheartedly endorse two amazing candidates.

Adriane Kuhn for county commissioner and write-in candidate for county clerk, Elaine Allemang. They are both running as unaffiliated candidates.

On Sept. 23, a featured article titled “Memories fill McGinnis gym” was published in our local newspaper. The photo selected to accompany this article shows the cast of the musical “My Fair Lady” in McGinnis Gym in 1958.

Commissioner candidate PT Wood refuses to answer questions about his record as Salida Mayor. Let’s ask more! In 2020, two Salidans filed complaints with the Colorado Independent Ethics Commission against Mayor PT Wood/Councilman Harald Kasper.

Recent Stories

Commissioner candidate PT Wood refuses to answer questions about his record as Salida Mayor. Let’s ask more! In 2020, two Salidans filed complaints with the Colorado Independent Ethics Commission against Mayor PT Wood/Councilman Harald Kasper.


The iconic perception many have of fly fishing is the rhythmic to-and-fro motion of casting a fly. Hypnotic in its timing and grace, it was the first thing I recognized as a youth and it attracted me to the sport. It helped that there was often a fish on the end of the angler’s line after I …

Blasts Wood’s record as mayor of Salida

“You have made it clear you condone domestic violence” said a female Salidan to Salida Mayor PT Wood and City Council on 1/22/19, weeks after they voted to retain Drew Nelson as City Administrator.

We wanted you and your readers to be aware of some major goings on at the county level which we don’t think have been getting enough public attention.

The American Flag flying high on the highways on Chaffee County shows deep love of the United States and people who love American and the borders we share. Yet, I wonder how many people in Chaffee County realize our 2,000 mile southern border is open and broken and is controlled by a foreign…

The Chaffee County Times will adhere to the following guidelines concerning letters to the editor about elections including candidates and ballot issues.

Conspiracy theorists, those nattering nabobs of nincompooperism (to paraphrase Spiro Agnew) are relentless. Spreading lies and aspersions with nary a concern for ethics or morality.

Colorado mountain towns’ housing crisis is an ongoing story. For those searching for homes for their families and themselves, and for businesses looking to fill jobs, of course, it’s not just a story but a critical issue.

We were extremely disappointed when the county-supported recycling program terminated. It was our understanding that the commissioners were going to explore alternatives and implement a countywide recycling program.

Chaffee Housing Authority’s proposed tax increase tax measures to fund housing units in Chaffee County, the mills for the measure yet to be determined.

I cannot, in the interest of truth, allow Sig Jaastad’s letter about gas prices go unanswered.

In an effort to deflect blame from President Biden for higher gas prices, Jaastad’s facts are actually correct. It’s simply that they have nothing to do with the cause of increased gas prices.

Long before the Internet, I began working as an automotive technical writer, using the United States Postal Service to mail hard copy, floppy disks, and photos to my respective publishers each month.  Today, I’m ordering small parts online for my retirement hobby of repairing collector cars.

The Buena Vista Postmaster has responded to concerns expressed in my letter from June 30.

I appreciate the efforts that Postmaster Woods has made to make some improvements in mail delivery, service, and the cleanliness of the building.

I had a disturbing interaction walking home at 9:p.m., on a warm Wednesday night in beautiful Buena Vista.

It had been a brutal, weight of the world week in America and my evening with a good friend, good food from Sparks Provisions, and free music on the Lawn had been a welcome reprieve.

Yesterday, like many other days, I stood patiently in line at the Buena Vista Post Office for 30 minutes, waiting to track two “lost packages.” Also, like many other days in the past year, I overheard four customers ahead of me, and two customers behind me, doing the exact same thing.

I can understand the frustration of Mary Ann Uzelac with the antics of the USPS as I pay over $160 for my little mailbox. If our local post office is collecting over $200,000, it does not stay in Buena Vista, but goes to “The Big Guy” in Washington D.C.

HRRMC Foundation thanks the Buena Vista Community Health Board for their generous donation of $130,000.

With these funds, we will continue the Annie Little Scholarship for Buena Vista High School graduates who are obtaining a degree in healthcare.

Ark Valley Coalition for a Sustainable Energy Future would like to thank everyone who voted in and helped with the SDCEA board election campaign for Sandra Attebery and Nick Hellbusch. The outpouring of support and energy from SDCEA members all over SDCEA’s territory has been heartening.

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The recent Supreme Court decision ending the legal right to abortion is wrong on so many levels, but I’ll spare you the bullet points. What matters is that the decision will not be the final chapter in this struggle.

Spite is the only way to describe Biden’s administration. Spite for everything Trump did, thus it must be reversed no matter what the consequences. Spite for every citizen in the U.S. The reversed Trump policies have caused major cost increases, estimated at nearly $500 per month per family.

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In this era of political discord, news driven upheaval, and assorted fears of our choosing, a little therapeutic recreation can go a long way to settle us down.

My preferred outlet has been fly fishing. For decades, it has been a reliable stress reliever and all around great way to spend time out of my self and the trap of time.

Got a major problem with car camping on CR304 above Buena Vista. The road is also referred to as Midland road where the old railroad used to run.

As it stands now, tourists are setting up makeshift camps along the road, usually close to where hiking and bicycling trails intersect.

Together, we join in care and compassion for the broken-hearted in Uvalde, Texas, as we take in the unthinkable reality of the school shooting in their community.  We cannot dismiss our own fear and anger while also being overcome with gratitude for our community and in particular, the protection of our own children. 

In a recent Mountain Mail article, a group of 12 Colorado County Clerks (including Chaffee Clerk Lori Mitchell), declared, “...clerks have been subjected to increasing hostility, and in some cases outright threats...” What is the most common hostile incident referenced in published articles?

Eight years ago, when I was elected to serve as the state Senator for District 5, I never imagined the blessings and lessons that this job would bring me.