Shirley Douty

85, Spread Word through Young Life, prison ministries

Born Shirley Mae Mallo, Jan. 16, 1935 to Howard and Velda Mallo of Webster City, Iowa.

She graduated from Webster City High School, married Marvin Douty at the Calvary Methodist Church in Stratford, IA., on February 19, 1954.

They moved immediately to Fort Bliss, Texas, where Marvin was assigned to military service. After 2 years, they moved back to Ames, Iowa, where Marvin completed college at Iowa State College (University).

While in Ames, Shirley became a mom with her first son, David. What a great, caring, loving, kind, tender mother!

Then in 2 years, on to Hinsdale, Ill., for Marvin’s first teaching job and mom’s second son, Dana. More of that loving, tender care and more work, but Shirley never complained, she was completely satisfied with her choice as a stay-at-home mom taking care of her two small charges.

Moving 2 years later to Kremmling, with a new teaching position for Marvin proved not only to be another new challenge in a completely different social environment, but began to open the door for Shirley to blossom into the magnificent wife, mother, friend, companion, and one loved by all who knew her.

While in Kremmling, in attendance at the small Community Church, she met a new eternal friend, Jesus the Christ, son of God, the creator, redeemer, sustainer. Amen.

She was mentored into this new life by good friends Dr. Burt and Mrs. Janie Sutherland. She was soon sharing her new faith with teaching children’s Sunday School classes, studying and sharing Biblical truths in Bible studies and church groups.

Her compassion for children became apparent especially in the deep cold of Kremmling winters when the temperature could dip far below 35 degrees below zero, and she would pick up other children on their way to school with ice cycles hanging from their eyebrows. This was the kind of mom Shirley was.

Five years later, it was on to Buena Vista, where Shirley and Marvin were called by God to join Young Life Campaign at the Christian Camps there.

She (we) joined the First Baptist Church and later Oak Street Chapel continuing on in learning, teaching, sharing, and growing in God’s word and way of living. Then, God opened a new and fascinating ministry for Shirley (and me) with Prison Fellowship Ministry and Buena Vista Prison Ministry bringing and sharing God’s salvation message to some of the forgotten in our society, prisoners, outcasts.

Here, Shirley found more kids to care for with God’s word, truth and living style. Anyone who came to know Shirley would never forget her winning, loving smile. Shirley’s trademark, her smile.

During these years in BV, she raised her two boys into adulthood, saw them marry, have children (3) and grand-children (6) and great-grand-children (4). All loving mom and grandma.

Shirley loved to hand sew quilts, in the old fashioned way, thousands of thousands of individual, love made stitches in each quilt – no machines – and then she gifted each quilt to some deserving person.

Mom left us on Oct. 2, at the Bruce McCandless Colorado Veterans Community Living Center in Florence, , to spend eternity with her Lord, Jesus the Christ, Son of God.

Shirley not only loved all those mentioned above, Marvin, many other friends, sisters and brothers, but her special girls in Bible study of recent years, Vickie, Mickey, Terri, MaLinda, Nicole and Realiti.

Just how special was our Shirley? During her last days and hours at the Veteran’s Center, several of the staff and nurses (with tears in their eyes) told me how Shirley changed the lives of the staff who worked there, unlike any other resident, with her God-given smile, never complaining, always loving.

We miss you mom, wait for us, we will be there soon.

Burial will be at Ft. Logan cemetery in Denver.

A celebration of life will be announced later.