Crossman's Addition water model

Map shows a potential plan to serve the long-vacant Crossman’s Addition area for possible new development.

Here’s what you missed from the April 13 meeting of the Buena Vista board of trustees:

1 Jim MacGrady, the district manager for Triview Metropolitan District, shared a proposal that would expand the recreation area at the historic Rodeo Grounds by incorporating the land of a 375-acre ranch immediately south of the grounds Triview purchased last year for its water rights.

“In our mind, this is a really exciting project,” McGrady said. “We purchased the Chicago Springs Ranch, which is adjacent to the Rodeo Grounds on Dec. 30, 2020. One of the things that became very apparent as we were doing our due diligence is that we share a fence line between the Rodeo Grounds and the Chicago Springs Ranch. I think it’s a wonderful opportunity for the two entities to work together on this project.”

The joint master plan for the expanded Rodeo Grounds could include dog parks and hiking trails.

The water purchased by Triview will go to the Colorado Springs Utility Area and the Monument Triview Metropolitan Area by way of Pueblo Reservoir.

“In 2021, we plan to operate the ranch as it has historically been used,” McGrady said. “Long-range, we will be filing a water court change case. We’ll also have to implement a revegetation plan, and most important to this discussion tonight, we’re going to work with the town of Buena Vista to develop a master plan that could include various recreational amenities on the property … Once the revegetation is completed, Triview really does not have a long-term plan to utilize the ranch property.”

McGrady said revegetation would take up to 3-5 years.

2 Further slaking the trustees’ insatiable thirst for highly technical water infrastructure proposals during the official meeting, town planner Mark Doering introduced the board to a water model that seeks to make the long-vacant Crossman’s Addition area fertile for new development.

The area bounded to the south by Crossman Avenue, to the east by U.S. 24, to the north by the subdivision containing Love’s Truck Stop, Tractor Supply and True Value and on the west by Teal Run Road was platted as early as 1892, before water lines were introduced in town.

In 2021, the area has been heavily subdivided, but still doesn’t have water infrastructure, making developing on the property an expensive proposition.

The Water Master Plan proposed Tuesday offered a way to start infrastructure development in the area while avoiding boring a water line under the highway, using one 12-inch water line connected to the 8-inch water mains running along Pleasant and Harrison avenues.

Other properties would be fed by 8-inch lines feeding from the 12-inch loop.

No immediate action is going to be taken on the water model. Rather, it serves as a possible solution to getting water to the area that interested developers could use.

3 Joseph Teipel, executive director of the Chaffee County Community Foundation, presented recommendations for the 2021 grant cycle.

This cycle, CCCF reviewed applications from 37 non-profits on behalf of the town, with the goal of determining how to award an $80,000 budget to applicants requesting a total of $175,378.25 in funds.

Teipel reported that 32 organizations were recommended for funding, although none were recommended to receive the full funding requested, due to budget limitations.

Chaffee Housing Trust received the largest sum of any recommended non-profits at $11,600, which Teipel said was motivated by the Trust’s explicit statement in its application that the grant funds would be leveraged as a match to a state grant.

The trustees approved the recommendations and also voted to send a letter to Chaffee County Commissioners urging the commission to reconsider a county-wide community grants process.

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