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Here’s what you missed from the Sept. 22 meeting of the Buena Vista Board of Trustees:

1 The board agreed unanimously to amend the eligibility rules for the CARES Act small business grant program it approved at its last meeting. The program will now allow home based businesses, such as licensed childcare providers.

2 Trustees had a conversation with Jed Selby, founder of the South Main neighborhood and owner of the Surf Hotel and Surf Chateau, on a number of topics.

First, the board expressed an interest in pursuing a concept that would allow patrons of the Surf Hotel to carry open alcoholic beverages across Front Loop to the Lawn performance venue area, possibly by transferring ownership of the road that encircles the park in South Main over to the Surf Hotel.

Because Front Loop is a public roadway, open containers are not allowed on it, per state law.

Specifics of the plan are pending until Selby and the town can find out more about what it would take to make Front Loop legal to carry drinks over, but town attorney Jeff Parker was skeptical that the process would be as easy as simply transferring ownership of the road from public to private.

Trustees were also in favor of requiring a public comment and hearing process, once details are more concrete, before the project would be allowed to move forward.

The Front Loop concept is a prelude to a more complex discussion about creating a common consumption area across the entire South Main Square, which would involve allowing consumption of alcohol on the southern half of the South Main park, which is town property.

Also resulting from Tuesday’s discussion with Selby –the days may be numbered for an iconic piece of the Buena Vista cityscape.

The trustees were speaking, of course, about the old Texaco building at the corner of U.S. Highway 24 and Main Street.

The gas station, built in the 1940’s, would have to go through the Historic Preservation Commission before demolition could begin, but Selby expressed interest in tearing down the structure, potentially building a park in its place.

3 The board gave the go-ahead for town staff to create new tool for town Code Enforcement Officer Grant Bryans to use in bringing people into compliance with town codes – the ability to issue citations for some minor offenses.

Bryans’s proposed citation structure would impose a $50 fine on the first offense, $100 on the second and $150 on the third for offenses including nuisance violations, snow and ice removal, weeds and brush and codes related to parking, camping and storage of RVs.

Bryans said that his policy would be to issue warnings first before resorting to issuing citations.

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