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Here’s what you missed from the April 28 meeting of the Buena Vista board of trustees:

1 The board continued to discuss the concept of annexing a property purchased at the end of last year by the Triview Metropolitan District.

Triview purchased the property south of the Rodeo Grounds for its water, but reached out to the town about using the ranch land itself as an extension of the Rodeo Grounds, nearly doubling its size.

“Their top priority, one, is that they would like to move forward with annexation soon, and the reason why they say that is that they really want to lock down the jurisdiction that they’ll be dealing with as they proceed with their process of moving the water off the property to the use that they purchased it for,” said town administrator Phillip Puckett.

Part of the deal would be for Triview, a metropolitan area on the Front Range, to assist the town with developing a master plan for a recreation area spanning the Rodeo Grounds and the new property.

“They’re concerned about the county pretty much being on record about not being happy with taking water out of the county,” said town water attorney Cindy Covell. “Triview is looking for as much certainty as they can get, and if it’s unclear whether the town is supportive of annexation, they’ll probably start shifting gears and putting their attention towards ‘How do we get through the 1041 process with the county?’ Because they read the newspapers like everybody else and they’ve read about the Nestlé 1041 renewal and they’re concerned, frankly.”

By annexing the property into town, and then dealing with the town instead of the county, Triview hopes to have a relationship that is more favorable to them, Covell said.

2 After being unsuccessful in receiving grants from GOCO to build a multi-generational recreational facility in the River Park, the Buena Vista Recreation Department is trying a new tactic: Taking on the project one small piece at a time.

Recreation director Earl Richmond updated the board on a plan to use $10,000 to go toward a $30,000 first phase of a future pickleball court north of the existing tennis courts. With $10,000 pitched in by the Peak to Peak Pickleball club and the county each, as well as in-kind donations, Richmond said he believed phase 1 of the project, clearing the site, could be completed.

Richmond said that getting the project started would build excitement about the facility, increasing potential donations, as well as being a tangible example of the community investment that GOCO likes to see in its grant applications.

The total cost for building the six pickleball courts is $270,000.

3 The board allowed airport manager Jack Wyles to move forward with the sale of a lot at the south end of the Buena Vista’s Central Colorado Regional Airport airfield.

David Harmin, the owner of Airpark RV Storage approached the town about purchasing the 1.04 acre lot, Lot 10 of a parcel acquired by the town in 2017, to expand his business.

The property was purchased by the town with Federal Aviation Administration grant funding, which means the FAA has to approve the sale, and that the money from the sale must stay with the airport.

“I’m just waiting for (the FAA)’s final approval. I don’t see a problem with it, I believe they’re going to approve it if we so choose to go forward with it,” Wyles said.

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