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In a brief meeting Monday evening, the Buena Vista school district board of directors revisited the topic of allowing non-CHSAA sports to receive varsity letters.

Members of the clay target shooting league club at Buena Vlsta High School and coach Jake Farber came before the board again to appeal that the club, one of the newest Demon sports, be recognized with letters.

District policy states that only sports sanctioned by the Colorado High School Activities Association can be awarded letters.

“It would be nice,” Farber said. “It would just be a little more icing on the cake, if you will … The other side of it is: Will we be recognized at the sports banquet? Will there be one of those this year?”

Board president Suzette Hachmann said, “We’ve been discussing this at a couple of our past meetings, and where we’ve gotten to as a board is that there aren’t board-level policies on which sports are recognized that way. It’s at the school level … CHSAA sports are recognized with letters, but we have other club sports, which is how clay target shooting league is now. We acknowledge it as a sport, they use our school name for the team, and we have at least one other club sport like that.”

“In our conversations we’ve had as a board, we’ve all said we want to honor the kids who are participating in this and have been so successful,” Hachmann said. “It’s certainly not that we don’t want to honor them.”

District superintendent Lisa Yates said that staff would be reviewing the school handbook in June.

“There’s all kinds of clubs that could come up over time, so we want to be sure we have those standards in place. What we’ve used in the past is CHSAA and it works,” Yates said. “For all this time, you get a letter if it’s a CHSAA sport. So now we’ve got a mountain bike club and a clay shooting club, which has a lot of participation. We love to see students involved in a lot of different activities and we want to honor that. We just need to have some guidelines about what will be the recognition you get for that club.

“We need to debate some of this, because it’s not as easy as saying ‘Yes, the clay shooting team should get a letter.’ There’s a trickle effect,” Yates said.

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