Chaffee County Commissioner Greg Felt was recently interviewed by the New York Times for the article “Wall Street Eyes Billions in the Colorado’s Water – Investor interest in the river could redefine century-old rules for who controls one of the most valuable economic resources in the United States.”

But he said this wasn’t the first time he’s been featured in that publication.

Felt said that back in 1995, the Times sent a reporter out to learn about being a rafting guide through Felt’s business, ArkAnglers.

“This time it was cool for me,” Felt said. “Growing up in northern California, and going to school back east, I have lots of friends all over, and a lot of people got to see it.”

This time around, Felt said they reached out to him at first to get some information and contacts, but when they sent a reporter, Felt said he took them out to Hill Ranch to show them what happens when agricultural water is sold off to municipal interests, in this case Pueblo West.

One photo later, and the Times incorporated him into the article.

“They got a good photo,” Felt said, “and worked it in.”

Felt said he was just trying to show the reporter just how complicated the issue is, and how much impact it has on rural communities. “Even though we’re on the other side of the Continental Divide, we are intimately connected to, and dependant on, the Colorado River,” Felt said. “What is happening with the Colorado River isn’t a distant issue, it is pertinent to our lives as well.”

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