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Here’s what’s in store for next week’s board of trustees meeting.

Funding for a new police station on Gregg Drive will be the focus of a work session beginning at 6 p.m. “We are looking to finalize our approach to funding—the capital stack, the combination of things that we would use to pay for it,” said town administrator Phillip Puckett. If approved, he said the project would move into architecture and site planning in the fall.

“We will be looking to go for a DOLA grant as part of the capital stack next spring,” he said, explaining that site plans and other documents must be submitted with the grant application.

Puckett said the hope is to move the police into a new facility in 2023, and to expand the current police station to accommodate a new town hall, with the current town hall building to be put up for sale.

A local Montessori group will present a proposal to make a schoolhouse of the church that was formerly occupied by the Buena Vista Chamber of Commerce.

“The group is really trying to move ahead so they’re ready for this fall. And we’re trying to work with them within that respect but also recognize that they’re going to have to make some modifications around the building so that it functions for them as a school,” Puckett said.

Two straightforward items to be addressed are the adoption of the 2020 electrical code and the official local designation of the Buena Vista Heritage Museum. Puckett said local historical designations are relatively new, having started in 2016 with a residence on Cedar Street and including the historic jailhouse.

The board will take another crack at adopting the county’s recreation plan. They’ll also hear an airport business plan update and decide whether to adopt a resolution approving 2021 budget adjustments.

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