Pinto Barn, Inc., which produces Don’t Go Nuts products, recently announced it will close its Salida facility and cease operations to be effective by Dec. 31.

Pinto Barn Manufacturing will be going out of business after the Don’t Go Nuts Brand, a subsidiary of One Lane Bridge LLC, has chosen to take its manufacturing needs out of the U.S.

“This decision to cease operations in Salida was not an easy one; but, due to overall economic conditions coupled with the brand’s ability to move the manufacturing to a quality, high-speed facility for the brand’s future growth and success made this a necessary move,” CEO Jon McNaught said in a letter addressed to the community.

The Don’t Go Nuts brand was started in 2012 by the Pinto Family, and was one of the first truly and comprehensively nut free food manufacturing facilities in the United States.

DGN quickly established a reputation in the marketplace for its food safety, taste and dedication to its tree-nut-free process, according to the letter, and also within this community for not only being a great place for locals to work and grow, but a brand that always made it a priority to support and give back to the community.

The Salida facility has 17 employees. It was being leased from John Diesslin.

“The company is a family affair, with husband and wife teams working together and all around emphasis on family first,” Myranda Goehl, production specialist said. “Working on a concrete floor for 10 hours a day, you become very close with your co-workers.”

The company’s production also increased greatly over the years.

“We went from producing a few hundred pounds of food to being able to efficiently and safely run over 4,000 pounds of snack bars and over 7,500 pounds of soy spread in one production run,” Goehl said.

It was even able to adjust to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We put safety protocols in place that not only allowed us to not skip a beat during the COVID-19 pandemic but continually celebrated a safety record with no injury in our facility in 793 days (as of Oct. 23),” Goehl said.

“The employees at Pinto Barn see a need for local manufacturing in this valley beyond Pinto Barn Manufacturing. They hope to bring their world class production experience to local businesses that have bottling and packaging needs in the near future.”

McNaught ended his letter by expressing gratitude.

“The Pinto Barn Board of Directors wishes to sincerely thank all of our dedicated employees, customers, local and regional investors for all of their hard work and dedication to get this brand to this point in its journey, and know that you will all continue to support us as we successfully develop and grow,” McNaught said.

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