The Meet Me at the Creek music event planned for The Meadows in Buena Vista, is one step closer to approval by Chaffee County Board of Commissioners following a special meeting held Thursday, June 10.

The two-day music event is being planned by Bonfire Entertainment, which has previously hosted the Campout for the Cause event.

The 2021 event, tentatively scheduled for Sept. 24-25, is planned to be larger. Campout for the Cause was capped at 2,000 people. Meet Me at the Creek is slated for up to 5,000 people.

Chaffee County Commissioners voted to approve conditions as discussed during the meeting and to direct staff to draft a resolution on the concert event.

Among the items discussed were limits on noise levels, times of amplified sound, traffic management, emergency plans and security.

The board of commissioners weighed in with Chaffee County Sheriff John Spezze on security and traffic management concerns. Spezze said his department is willing to work with Bonfire Entertainment on those plans.

Rick Atkins, director of the County’s Office of Emergency Management advised requiring an emergency evacuation plan.

Chaffee County Emergency Medical Service director said based on conversation with Bonfire on the size and logistics for the event, he feels comfortable the agency can support the event.

Buena Vista town administrator Phillip Puckett made a request for reimbursement of two times direct expenses for law enforcement back up. Buena Vista Police Department would need to pay off-duty officers overtime to handle concert issues, since on-duty officers on the small force would be responsible for responding to the community.

A message from Chaffee County Public Health indicated they had received a COVID-19 mitigation plan from Bonfire which addressed the department’s concerns at this time.

Bonfire representative Scott Stoughton said the company’s intention is to integrate with the community and to present the best experience possible.

Several community members expressed their opinion about the proposed event during public comment. Many expressed support for the event, while a few were against.

Of those who were against the event, most were concerned by noise and rowdy participants, based on past experiences with music events at the site.

Proponents had a variety of reasons for their support from economic benefits to preservation of The Meadows as an open space.

Using resolutions from 2019 events held at the same venue as a template for a new resolution, the commissioners and county attorney Daniel Tom began to draft a new resolution for the Meet Me at the Creek event to address current concerns.

The commissioners will vote on that resolution at their June 22 meeting.

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