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Lori Boydston, of Salida, is running for the seat representing Colorado House District 60 in the November election.

She has been a small business owner and resident of Chaffee County for 25 years.

Boydston is running as a Democrat.

Q What is your education and background?

A I have owned and operated small businesses all of my adult life including; Frost Busters – ground thawing for construction the past 16 years and Tiredhouse Bed and Breakfast (named for the 2,700 tires that my energy efficient home is built with) for 10 years.

Tiredhouse is closed down this year due to COVID-19 thus making time to run for office, which is very time consuming.

In my youth I was a nationally competitive class 1 gymnast.

I have lived in Salida for 25 years where I raised 3 amazing children and now have 5 beautiful grandchildren.

Prior to living in the most beautiful place in the world, I co-owned a landscaping, construction and maintenance business for 18 years which was built from scratch to a business that served hundreds of customers each year.

Q Why did you decide to run for this office?

A I am running to make a difference for our children and grandchildren as our economy, environment, education and health care all need us to come together.

Q What are some of the challenges of representing the four counties of District 60, with its diverse economies?

A Our district has small towns/cities and farm land all having water, land and growth issues.

We have a high percentage of state and national forests that need to be managed and varying distances from resources like hospitals and affordable housing.

Q How do you plan to support the people of District 60 in recovering from the effects of COVID-19?

A COVID-19 has effected our businesses and residents in every way.

We must keep our children safe as they go back to school as well as all students having a computer and access to high speed internet and a plan to have a jobs program that will further the effort to 100 percent renewable energy.

Q What do you see as the top 3 challenges District 60 is facing?

A The biggest issue we face is access to high speed internet through broadband.

We can all take a broadband speed test at: test/.

I will work tirelessly to bring together all the entities that will make broadband access happen for all in our rural district.

Business, education, health care and communication all depend on broadband to keep up with the world, and we all need equal access, especially in this time of coronavirus.

Other challenges we face are access to affordable health care, green jobs and green energy.

Our environment is of big concern as we have seen our forests devastated by beetles, and subsequently, fires.

We are experiencing hotter temperatures and unstable climate conditions that scientists say are due to the increase in carbon from human activity.

I have learned that microscopic plastic particles are coming down in the rain up high in our mountains, where it devastates various species and about the “gyre” of decomposing plastic bags and containers, the size of Texas, that is floating in the Pacific Ocean.

Colorado must do its part to reduce air, water and climate pollution with a solid plan to implement 100 percent renewable energy.

Our state and our sunny rural district will benefit from the production of solar energy and building efficiently.

I will pursue policies that encourage more people using reusable containers.

I will absolutely support a just transition for our fossil fuel workers, so they can keep their income and pensions as they transition to another profession – possibly in the renewable energy field.

Q Why are you the best candidate for the job?

A My experience of working with customers to satisfy their needs, and my drive and resourcefulness make me suited for the job of representing the people of HD60.

Your support and vote are very appreciated, I look forward to serving you.

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